In Moopertown, everyone is special – in their own special way!

The Books


Musical Markus loves to sing but not everyone wants to hear.

Markus is a green Mooper who lives for music and singing! He loves nothing more than to make up the words to his own songs and sing them at the top of his voice all over Moopertown. Markus also loves teaching the Moopertown choir, even if the little Moopers can sometimes be a bit naughty and not focus as much as Markus would like. Unfortunately not all of Markus’s songs are good. Although he has a lovely singing voice, Markus’ lyrics are sometimes questionable to say the least, and he has a habit of singing in places where Moopers may not always want him to sing…like right in the middle of the library! But when that musical feeling comes over Markus, he finds it hard to keep it inside, and when a song bursts out of him it can sometimes startle any Moopers who are nearby. Even if some of the Moopers would rather Markus sometimes not sing quite so much, they know that a Moopertown without Markus and his singing would be a very sad place indeed!

Nervous Nellie finds that a lot of things in Moopertown make her nervous!

Nellie is a lovely yellow Mooper who is very friendly, very sweet and kind, but is also very nervous about lots of things. Nellie loves her little house and the Faffer birds who sing outside her window in the mornings, but there are also lots of things in Moopertown that make Nellie nervous. Pointy hats, marshmallows and bubbles to name a few. Some of the Moopers think Nellie is a bit silly to be nervous around hats and bubbles, but Nellie can’t help it. That’s just the way she is! Not everyone can be as confident as her best friend, Dom, or as brave as her friend, Abbie. Even if Nellie sometimes wishes she wasn’t so nervous about some things, she is happy with who she is, and the Moopers know Moopertown wouldn’t be the same without their sweet and caring Nellie.

Dramatic Dom finds everything dramatic – EVERYTHING!

Dom is a purple Mooper who lives a VERY dramatic life! Dom is very creative and has an amazing imagination. He loves nothing more than writing poems, speeches and plays, and performing them for his friends in Moopertown. Dom is so creative and clever that draws his own show posters, and even built his very own theatre in Mooper Park! He always likes to try out his new scripts and poems on his best friend, Nellie, before showing anyone else. Like any true and talented artist, he takes feedback on his writing and performances very seriously. Sometimes Dom’s imagination can get him into hot water with the other Moopers, especially as he has a tendency to over-react and exaggerate a lot of the time, but they all love him and wouldn’t want him to be any other way.

Giggling Gertie can see the LIGHTER side of everything.

Gertie is a pink Mooper who is always giggling at something! Gertie loves to look at the funny side of life in Moopertown, and doesn’t like taking anything too seriously. As far as Gertie is concerned, life in Moopertown is always better when you’re laughing. She loves making other people giggle too, especially when they don’t even want to smile! Gertie works in the Town Hall. Her job is to help Mayor Beadle prepare for Moopertown events, and she is very good at it too. Gertie can see the light side of everything, which makes her a lovely and positive Mooper to be around. It’s hard to stay upset or angry when Gertie is around, even though there are times when Moopers may not be in the mood for Gertie’s giggling, especially if they are in a bad mood or feeling stressed out. But everyone knows that Moopertown wouldn’t be the same without Gertie’s big smiling face and infectious giggles to brighten up their day.

Available in Paperback  |  $12.99  |  48pp  |  5-8+ years

The Creators


Fiona Harris

Fiona has written and performed for stage and screen for many years, including television shows, SkitHouse and Prank Patrol. She is the co-writer and co-creator of The Drop Off web series, has acted on TV shows The Beautiful Lie and Tangle, written numerous shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and also writes school productions. Fiona lives in Melbourne.


Scott Edgar

Scott studied Graphic Design and Theatre Production before embarking on a career as a composer, writer, comedian and actor, primarily in the comedy band Tripod. Tripod have been regulars on the international live comedy circuit, radio and television, and have written musicals for the screen and stage. This is Scott’s first book series. Scott lives in Melbourne.


Sally Rippin

Sally has over sixty books published, and is Australia’s highest selling female author. Her Billie B. Brown books have sold more than 2.5 million copies, and Sally is a popular presenter in schools and at literary festivals both in Australia and overseas. Sally is Melbourne based.


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